Sant Jordi: Coaching Edition

Sant Jordi is one of my favorite holidays. Its combination of tradition, culture, and romanticism makes for a genuinely good-natured holiday. 

If you're unfamiliar with this Catalan holiday, it's essentially a mix of International Book Day and Valentine's Day. Traditionally men receive books and women receive roses, although this has changed in recent years and no longer are genders assigned to either gift.  

In my opinion, what makes Sant Jordi so special is its encouragement of literature. On this day, all Barcelona streets are lined with book stands and city squares become open air book markets. Thousands and thousand of books are sold every year.  

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In honor of Sant Jordi, this week's 'It's Just a Thought' is dedicated to literature. 

I'm a self-diagnosed book hoarder, so when I stumbled upon Doug Lemov's 'Cognitive Science Reading List for Coaches', it was all over.  

If you're not familiar with Doug Lemov and his books, I'd suggest to start there. And when you finish those move on to these books. I've just started  'Thinking Fast and Slow' and it hasn't disappointed.  

I'm a firm believer in getting out of our football comfort zone and these books do just that. Understanding how the human brain works helps us become better educators, and that is what every coach in the world is.  

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