Video Consultancy Session with Training Session Guides

Video Consultancy Session with Training Session Guides


With this video consultancy session, via Skype and screen sharing, you and I will sit down, discuss any questions you may have about positional play and its components, and create an individualised positional play training session for what you would like to achieve.

I strongly believe that in this way, you will see the process of creating training sessions with the fundamentals of positional play and in the long run have the confidence and understanding to create the perfect positional play training activity for your team. 

Afterwards, I will send you the specialised PDF with the training session we created together. Additionally, as a part of the learning process, you’ll receive six training session guides of your choice before our video session.

Upon purchasing this service, you will receive a confirmation email where we will schedule the best time and day for the video session. The video session will last between 45-60 minutes.

If you purchase 2 hours it’s $40/hour (use the code ‘2HOURS’ at checkout), if you purchase 3 or more hours it’s $30/hour (use the code ‘3PLUSHOURS’ at checkout).

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